G4 - 9 LED bulb - side pin - red/cool white colour switching LEDs - 10-30V

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LED Marine G4 Bulb

Colour Switching - 9 SMD5050 LEDs

3 Red/6 Cool White LEDs

Side Pin



  • Includes voltage driver and fuse (safe to run at 8V to 30V).
  • Ultra high brightness LEDs - sequence red, cool white, off.
  • 125 degree beam angle (wide).
  • Input voltage 12V DC (8-30V DC max).
  • Power consumption: 112mA (Cool White - 1.3W).
                                  46mA (Red - 0.6W).
  • Lumens:  Cool White 160lm, Red 24lm - can vary between batches.
  • Size:  Diameter of bulb 30mm.
  • Also available: Red/Warm White LEDs
                         Blue/Cool White LEDs
                         Blue/Warm White LEDs
                         Warm White/Cool White LEDs
    All listed separately.



Part No. - HMSG4RCW

Lighting Colour - Red/Cool White

Multi-voltage - 10-30V

No. of LEDs - 9

LED Type - SMD5050







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