12V/24V PWM Dimmer - Max 12V-30VDC

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  • Material - Plastic
  • Size:  60mm x 60mm x 15mm (depth)
  • Maximum lamp rating 80W
  • The dimmer will cut off the light in the following situations:
    a.  The load exceeds 120W
    b.  In a 12V system - the voltage is less than 9V or great than 15V
    c.  In a 24V system - the voltage is less than 19V or greater than 31V
    d.  For regular LED lights only - not for high power LEDs lights
  • The LED next to the + or - key will flash depending on the above situations

           Part No. - HMS896

           Finish - White Plastic

           Voltage - 12-30VDC




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