LED Flex Light with mounting track - 18" (450mm) - Blue LEDs - 12V

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(suitable for boats/vehicles/decoration)


  • A flexible strip light with mounting track and plastic end mounts.  Light shown in photo is 12".
  • Completely sealed by clear epoxy to provide a permanent waterproof seal - IP65 rated and UV resistant.
  • 3M double sided adhesive tape on the back of the track.
  • Fits all curved surfaces and contours - ideal for auxiliary lighting on boats, kayaks and vehicles.
  • There are two lead wires, each 6"/20cm long.
  • Total of 27 blue LEDs - type 3528.
  • Luminous intensity 135lm, current draw 180mA.
  • Low current draw.
  • Rated 12V - tested to 13.8V.
  • Also available in:
    12" lengths - white, blue, green and red LEDs (listed separately).
    18" lengths - white, green and red LEDs (listed separately).
           Part No. - HMS495B-18

           Lighting Colour - Blue

           Input Voltage - 12V

           No. of LEDs - 27

           LED Type - 3528

           Current draw at 13.8V - 180mA



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