3.9" Oval LED Marker Light with Reflex Lens - Red LEDs - Light Only - 12V

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(suitable for trailers, lorries, caravans, horseboxes)



  • This marker light has a total of 3 LEDs of super flux (P4) type.
  • It has a reflex lens and functions as a side marker, clearance or identification light.
  • The surface mount design features the industry standard 3" centres.
  • Available in optional decorative snap-on chrome plated bezel (listed separately).
  • The PC lens, housing and LED circuitry are all sealed together by expoxy in a single unit to ensure a permanent, weather durable and waterproof seal.
  • The two wire design includes separate lead and ground wires.
  • In compliance with DOT FMVSS 108/SAE and ECE requirements.
  • Rated for 12V, designed for 13.8V.











           Part No. - HMS4665R


   Lighting Colour - Red

           Input Voltage - 12V

           No. of LEDs - 3

           LED Type - P4

           Current draw at 13.8V - 50mA




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